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3-D Wooden Lake Maps

These lake maps are made using actual lake contour maps. They are cut into the wood to reveal the depth of the lake.
Depending on the lake each contour can range from 5ft to 100ft. I can make almost any lake you would like into a work of art for you to display.
Each lake map I make is stained to the colors you choose from the available selection. Then they have a protective finish applied on the entire map.
Each lake map is framed and has picture style hangers on the back side to hang on a wall.
The lake name, location, and elevation are placed on every map in contrasting color.
BWCAW lakes come standard with all campsites and portages.
Each map I make includes my logo, which is also the compass rose. This item is the only thing I place on every map, anything else you would like may be customized.
These lake maps are a must have for resorts and fishing lodges to hang in their lobby.

There are a few options you can choose from when selecting to purchase a lake map.
* items may increase the price.
Wood Selection* - Currently you can choose from Oak, Pine (American & New Zealand), Aspen, Maple, or ask about other specialty woods. All are solid planks.
Size* - Currently I am makes two sizes of maps. Small maps are generally 12" X 16", and large maps are generally 22" X 34"
As each lake has its own shape the actual sizes can fluctuate. Some lakes are only available in one size.
Frame -By default all maps will have a frame, however if you choose, the frame will not be added.
Stain Colors- You can choose which colors you would like the lake contours, the map face, and the frame.
Landmarks -You can add certain details to the maps I make. Such as homes, cabins, roads, landings, campsites,
fishing spots (don't worry I won't share them with anyone other than myself, my dog, and my boat), or almost anything else you would like.
Glass Overlay* - A piece of sheet glass can be placed on the map inside the frame. This makes dusting the map much easier.
Other Customization -Since I make each map specifically for you, if there is anything else you would like I would be happy to try and incorporate it for you.

Wood & Stain Selections

Stains in the picture above are in the same order as the chart below. All frames are made from the same wood.
Please note that due to natural variations in the wood as well as differences in computer screens actual colors may vary slightly from the images.
When selecting stains for a Pine map select one numbered color from each of A, BP, & CP.
For Aspen maps select one numbered color from each of A, BA, & CA.
Oak samples will be added soon.

Pine Maps

Frame 1 2 5 6 8 9 10 11

Aspen Maps

Frame 1 2 5 6 8 9 10 11

I use Minwax® wood stains and finishes on my products.
For reference the names of the above finishes are:
1 - Clear protective finish
2 - Golden Pecan
3 - Cherry
4 - Fruitwood
5 - Golden Oak
6 - Puritan Pine
7 - Driftwood
8 - Early American
9 - Special Walnut
10 - Provincial
11 - English Chestnut

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