All About Wooden Waters

Wooden Waters is owned and operated by Matt Easley. I am starting the business in what used to be my garage located in Rhinelander Wisconsin. There is definitely not going to be any cars in there anymore... not that you could have fit one in there before either! I have always enjoyed the outdoors especially canoeing, camping, hiking, and fishing. I have also enjoyed woodworking as a hobby for many years.
I started to make 3-D wooden lake maps late in 2011 and thought they were so amazing I just had to share them with everyone. So here I am now starting Wooden Waters. I spend many hours making these maps and it has consumed all my free time lately, however making maps is not my full time job.

Please enjoy the site, the photos, and the maps. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to Contact Me.

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Last Update March 12th 2015